Address: Campville House, Coppice Lane, Clifton Campville, Staffordshire, B79 0BQ

Telephone: 01827 373695


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Address: Campville House, Coppice Lane, Clifton Campville, Staffordshire, B79 0BQ

Telephone: 01827 373695

Why Choose Fennell Solutions

6 Reasons to choose Fennell Solutions:

  1. Experience – Two of the partners in the company have over 60 years’ experience in running successful Care Homes (with and without nursing) both as a manager and as an OWNER.
    This makes them well placed to understand every single aspect of the Care Home Industry. Most consultants in this industry simply have experience in running Care Homes and have never actually owned a Care Home themselves. Fennell Solutions believe this makes a massive difference as they understand what it is like to be ‘at the coal face’ of this challenging, yet rewarding industry.

  1. Knowledge - Fennell Solutions have unrivalled knowledge of working with the Local Authorities and other bodies in turnaround situations. Often this is one of the most problematic areas of the turnaround model and one that needs handling in the correct manner.


  1. Results – Fennell Solutions have a proven track record of delivering results in an exceptionally quick time. Results are critical but they have to be delivered in the shortest time frame possible.


  1. Nationwide Expertise – Fennell Solutions are able to offer nationwide help and support to Care Homes that require their assistance and therefore have extensive knowledge of working with different authorities and other bodies throughout the UK. It is inevitably that these establishments will have different viewpoints on matters and what works for one Care Home might not work for another.


  1. Flexibility – Fennell Solutions are extremely flexible in the services that they offer, they can assist with the complete day to day running of a Care Home or they can offer advice and support on individual matters, however small. Fennell Solutions offer Taylor Made packages to their clients.

  1. Real Value – we work directly with every single client. Unlike other consultancy firms, Fennell Solutions have a streamlined team that are involved with every aspect of every turnaround process. It is the knowledge in the industry that makes Fennell Solutions the best at what they do and they would never look to dilute this by having a huge team of people that do not have such knowledge. For more information about Fennell Solutions, please click the About FS tab above or if you would like to know more about what Fennell Solutions offer, please click the Our Services tab.

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